Dr. Elliott P. Joslin

Today, June 6, is Dr. Elliot P. Joslin’s birthday.  Why is this important to me?  He was the first doctor in the United States to specialize in diabetes and was the founder of today’s Joslin Diabetes Center in Brookline (Boston), Massachusetts.  … Continue reading

Brain & Nervous System

Regarding human beings, they (we, as I am human) all have a brain and a nervous system.  So? Well, recently invited to a seminar on the topic of “Neuropathy,” other keywords were adamantly recognized: Thyroid, Hashimoto, Diabetes, Chronic Pain, Lethargy … Continue reading

Me and My Money…a child’s story of diabetes

Copyrighted in 2012, Me & My Money…a child’s story of diabetes, took two years to write… From birthing thoughts, jotting ideas, typing a manuscript, carrying a daily journal, contacting an illustrator,  building the manuscript, proofreading and editing again and again … Continue reading

“End of March Madness Sale”

Interested in E-books?   This “End of March Madness Sale” is just that, madness to introduce you to a book called “My Diabetic Soul – An Autobiography.” It is insightful, inspirational, and on sale for a limited time at mydiabetcisoul.com!  Go … Continue reading