Yes, an astounding 50-Year celebration with the few people that have lived courageously and successfully with diabetes.  By ‘few,’ I mean approximately 6,153 since 1970.  1970.  Phew.  That’s six thousand, one hundred and fifty three individual characters in 50 years. Absolutely awesome! … Continue reading

Senate Bill 138…Singer/Song Writer Brett Michaels…

TODAY! March 27, 2019… “#KNOWSURVIVETHRIVE…KNOW the facts, SURVIVE the impact, THRIVE live the life! THIS WEDNESDAY General Richard Roth will present #Senate Bill 138 at the State Capitol. #BretMichaels will be testifying as to why #SB138 is crucial in raising awareness … Continue reading

Skyrocketing Insulin Prices by Ashley Klann

Posted on facebook February 15, 2019, “Judge Denies Insulin Makers’ Motion to Dismiss Class-Action Lawsuit Regarding Skyrocketing Insulin Prices,” this article is definitely worthy here at Buckroth’s Blog. “Attorney representing individuals living with diabetes against the pharma defendants says judge’s opinion … Continue reading