I firmly believe that a cure for diabetes will be soon be released – along with numerous cures for other life-threatening and fatal diseases. The cures are presently over-due while humanity as a whole continues to progress into this 21st Century.

As expressed in “My Diabetic Soul – An Autobiography,” previous forecasts have not come to fruition.  To further my diabetes advocacy, further book releases for “Me & My Money…a child’s story of diabetes” and “Me & My Money Too, Book Two…a child’s story with diabetes,” and “Kisses for Cash…T1D meets T2D Book Three” are available at, public libraries across the United States, e-books, and  book stores.

I have repeatedly heard, read and comprehended at a young age about the ongoing research for cures since 1970, probably before.  My excitement has always been entertained.  Present ongoing research toward ending this particular pandemic are at an intersection set amid political, religious, ethical, corporeal, financial, pharmaceutical and scientific endeavors. It HAS to come!  There is hope. Cure(s) will be unleashed. The Diabetes Research Institute in Miami, Florida, the Massachusetts General Hospital in Boston, Massachusetts, and the Endmonton Protocal in Canada, are closely being wathched. 

The Barton Center for Diabetes Education, Inc., P. O. Box 356, North Oxford, Massachusetts, 01537, lit my candle for a long and happy life (Chapter 5, page 68, “Autobiography”). Partial proceeds from the sale of each book goes toward their support.  My candle remains lit!  Through these books, your candle will be lit! There is a special hope for the children – the juvenile diabetics – the innocents.  I want to see the cure along with the rest of the world!!

Order copies today! Available in E-books and Paperbacks formats,  these books are an informative inspiration!

In the meantime, take care – important words to live with.