Diabetes Research “Updates From the Faustman Laboratory at Massachusetts General Hospital”

http://faustmanlab.org/docs/newsletters/DrFaustmanUpdate_Fall-2016.pdf “Updates , Fall 2016. “A Note from Dr. Faustman: “Great things have happened this year! Most importantly, we began enrolling participants in our Phase II trial. This double-blind, randomized, placebo-controlled study in 150 participants will continue to investigate the … Continue reading

Hope for a Diabetes Cure – yes, again….

Important: “Breakthrough: The Case of Murder in the Pancreas” No one’s sure why renegade members of the immune squad snuff out workers in the body’s insulin factory. Can investigators like Thomas Delong solve the mystery—and stop the attack that leads … Continue reading


Leaders are original…Managers copy. Leaders develop…Managers maintain. Leaders focus on people…Managers focus on systems & structure. Leaders inspire trust…Managers rely on control. Leaders innovate…Managers administrate. Leaders have a large-range perspective…Managers have a short-range view. Leaders ask what and why…Managers ask … Continue reading