“Action Words” to Assist Your Writing(s)!

Words.  As you know, words are used to communicate in a thousand different languages.  The English word list below has been re-typed to assist you in your word search.

As a long-time published author, I prefer to keep my characters active.  To me, action along with colorful descriptions for visualization and the use of all human senses, will engage any reader and  compliment your written – and even spoken works – especially if you’re creating a resume!

With that said, I hope this following alphabetized list will help you in your writing(s):

Accelerated     Adapted       Administered     Analyzed     Approved     Coordinated     Conceived     Conducted       Completed   Conducted         Completed   Controlled    Created            Delegated  Developed       Demonstrated       Directed    Effected       Eliminated   Evaluated         Expanded  Expected         Facilitated     Forwarded         Generated     Investigated   Influenced     Implemented  Instructed        Interpreted    Improved          Initiated        Launched     Led     Lectured   Maintained  Managed         Monitored     Motivated         Operated       Organized    Originated        Participated  Performed       Planned         Presented          Pinpointed     Prepared       Produced         Programmed  Proposed         Processed      Proved              Provided        Recommended    Reduced    Reinforced  Reorganized    Reported       Revamped        Revised          Reused          Scheduled        Set up  Solved             Sorted            Streamlined     Structured      Studied          Supervised       Supported  Surveyed         Taught           Wrote

Sure, there are more!  However, I have found these particular words to be especially helpful when writing a resume.  “A resume should verbally show you are a ‘doer.’  In describing your work experience and extracurricular activities, use words such as these to persuasively present your qualifications and background to prospective employers.”  Anonymous.

I hope you find the same and good luck in all your endeavors!




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