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“Whaaat?!” you exclaim. “Yes indeed,” I reply.  Extememly different from the numerous other articles blogged, inserted, and/or linked via this particular website (www.Mydiabeticsoul.com), a marketable endeavor has been growing. Without further ado, further inquiries are solved at www.BuckrothEntreprise.com. Just lettin’ you know…. … Continue reading

“The Philosophies of Terry” By Theresa Viola Buckroth, 1929-2014

Originally typed in the Spring of 1987 for her Philosophy class thesis at Clark University in Worcester, Massachusetts,  my mother, Theresa V. Buckroth, had this to share… “I could begin with “Once Upon A Time,” but this is not a … Continue reading

“End of March Madness Sale”

Interested in E-books?   This “End of March Madness Sale” is just that, madness to introduce you to a book called “My Diabetic Soul – An Autobiography.” It is insightful, inspirational, and on sale for a limited time at mydiabetcisoul.com!  Go … Continue reading