Hello world!

“Welcome to WordPress. This is your first post. Edit or delete it, then start blogging!”  That’s what I was told to do many years ago when my first book was published.

“Hmm,” I told myself.  “What do I write? What would the general public all over the world want to hear/learn/read from little old me?”

Overall, I’ve shared different stories, expecially those involving being a T1D (Type One Diabetic) for 58 years.  Yep, 58 years.  But my writings have not been limited to that subject matter.  You’ll be glad to know that I share other meaningful parts of my life with you as well.

Check them out.  Also, take a peak at www.mydiabeticsoul.com.  Other learning and informative writing works are listed there and available for your reading pleasure.

Just sayin’…A. K. Buckroth.


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  1. Andrea…

    Had the opportunity to talk with you last
    week-end at the Artshow in Auburn,
    was able to pick up a copy of your book
    My Diabetic Soul.
    I thought your book was so informative,
    but mostly just did’nt feel so isolated in
    my own battle with this desease.
    Thank you!
    I will be using it in my reference library.
    We share interests as well as some of
    the nightmare experiences of being a
    juvenile diabetic.
    I’ve been told since I was diagnosed I
    would’nt live long…I’d go blind…my life
    would be small ect..
    Perhaps that’s been a thorn ..enough
    to make me work harder and portray a
    different experience to anyone wstching
    Though I KNOW the reason my life has
    been better than others may have thought
    is completely because of the Lords
    protection. As I said so many things you
    shared….your book was and is a total
    If future plans bring you back to Auburn
    and you feel like meeting…let me know
    My cell number is 530.401.6740
    email works as well.
    Thanks Again

    Our Future is HIS

    Tracy Ervin

  2. Thanks this built for atnrntiot-geabbing reading. I love your wordpress theme,I keep coming again the following and that i dont know why. I just genuinely like your website lol… I recently examine anything just like this on another web page. I think they may of stolen your blog?

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