Who is A. K. Buckroth?

roth bike 52416A. K. Buckroth is one of 13 siblings, 11 of whom are alive today.  Four of those siblings have diabetes.  A brief synopsis of her working life began as a babysitter, on to being a grocery store cashier, a factory worker, a wife, a mother, an executive assistant, an administrative assistant, a four-degree student, a legal document assistant, a California notary public, a property manager, a mult-business sole proprietor entrepreneur, a copyeditor and proofreader, a dog walker, a published and award-winning writer, a public speaker, a tutor, an advocate…with so much more to come.  Her biggest life challenge has been to maintain this busy life with diabetes.

Having been diagnosed with diabetes at the age of two and living through more than five decades managing the trials of this disease, A. K. Buckroth (aka: Andrea K. Roth-Ross) has written from the heart through her first book,  My Diabetic SoulAn Autobiography.  Diabetic children have become a main concern to Ms. Buckroth.  Therefore, two children’s books were written pertaining to the life of a T1D.  After all, she was a child and remains a “T1D.”  She believes her writings to be one of the best representations of life with this disease.  Her books attract so many readers, especially youngsters, who need to identify that having this disease is a day-by- successful-day procedure.  Proceeds of books sold go toward The Barton Center for Diabetes Education in North Oxford, Massachusetts.

Ms. Buckroth has received numerous awards for her books to include the “Katie Maxwell Award For Outstanding Achievement In Writing, 2010;” the “Gary Dubois Dare to Dream Award, 2012;” the “Sherrie Dortch Letters Award, 2012;” the “Joslin Diabetes Center Award for 50 Courageous Years With Diabetes – Triumph For Man And Medicine,” 2013, Boston, Massachusetts; the “Wyvern Award  For Community Guardianship,” Worcester, Massachusetts, 2014; the “Eli Lilly Diabetes Journey Award,” Indianapolis, Indiana, 2015; and the Northern California Publishers & Authors Award, 2017.

Classified as a “T1D” (Type One Diabetic), she has written encouraging books for young readers and their care givers: Me & My Money…a child’s story of diabetes, and Me & My Money Too…a child’s story with diabetes, Book Two, reflect the life of a diabetic child and the child’s adopted dog, Money, also diagnosed with diabetes.  This particular book brings attention to the factual pandemia that diabetes exists in animals – all kinds of animals – and has risen to over 300% in the last decade.

Kisses for Cash…T1D meets T2D Book Three, brings attention to a grandparent and grandchild sharing knowledge and care of their disease.  After all, Ms. Buckroth knows all too well about being a juvenile diabetic and this pandemic issue.  These are illustrated chapter books, approximately 110 pages each, available at Amazon.com, Smashwords.com, Goodreads.com, Kindle, Nook and numerous e-book facilities.

As a Global Diabetes Awareness Advocate, she frequently speaks to organizational audiences about this disease – its pros and cons.  Yes, diabetes has pros!  She has claimed that this disease has not only taught her but the world to take special care of their bodies through diet, exercise, medication, and being stress free.  Being stress free may be the most difficult of personal duties. All of her articles and informational links are available at www.Buckroth.Wordpress.com.  A. K. Buckroth is available for messaging on facebook, Linkdin, and especially at www.mydiabeticsoul.com.  #buckroth to see more.

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