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Honored to have been invited to speak at a monthly JDRF (Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation) meeting, to share old and new information is exquisite, enlightening, encouraging!  Not all attendees were diabetic but attended in order to learn more about the increasing pandemic of T1D (Type One Diabetes).  That in itself is a wonderful acknowledgment.

Diagnosed in 1959 with this disease, my life is constructed, maneuvered and manipulated – by me – around and for my life with diabetes.  Oftentimes embarrassing and misunderstood, the JDRF organization is a welcome addition to positivity.  People know what I’m talking about; people want to learn and appreciate this incurable conundrum.

Having written and published four enlightening books on the subject, sales oftentimes exceed expectations.  I am delighted to share that many books were once again sold at and during this particular occasion.

My Diabetic Soul – An Autobiography is my first personal work of art.  It took me seven years to write it.  The title was specifically chosen due to my actually being able to relate and recognize that I do have a soul, a spirit, when I was six years old, attending the “Clara Barton Birthplace Camp” in North Oxford, Massachusetts, in 1964.  Nine consecutive summers of my childhood were spent there learning, sharing, experiencing, growing – with others – and this disease.  My Diabetic Soul – An Autobiography is a 304 page historically amazing account of life with this disease beginning in 1957; pictures inclusive; ISBN-13:978-0-9822030-9-5 and (e-book) -10: 0-9822030-9-8; $15.95; available at Amazon, CreateSpace, Smashwords, and libraries across the country; #buckroth..

Me & My Money…a child’s story of diabetes is a fictional account of a specific T1D, aged 8.  The story line goes that said child saves her allowance to adopt a puppy which then is also diagnosed with diabetes.  Another learning experience, this raises awareness of diabetes in animals.  Me & My Money…a child’s story of diabetes is a 104-page illustrated chapter book; ISBN-13:978-1490354873 and (e-book) -10: 1490354875; $14.00; easily available at Amazon, CreateSpace, Smashwords, and libraries across the country; #buckroth.

Me & My Money Too…a child’s story with diabetes is the second book in this series, also a fictional account of the same characters.  However, grave, life threatening circumstances are introduced due to one of many diabetes complications along with the introduction of a new character.  Also an illustrated chapter book, the ISBNs are -978-1500316327 and (e-book) -10:1500316326; $16.00; available at the same sources listed above.  View #buckroth for details.

Kisses for Cash Kali’s story…T1D meets T2D Book Three concludes the series, introducing new characters in the life of this T1D and her dog, Money.  One is a Grandmother, another is a dog, Cash!  A healthy lifestyle is encouraged for all members in and out of this family setting; it is another story-book of knowledge, happiness, and learning about daily functions with T1D and T2D (Type Two Diabetes).  Amazing if I may say so myself.  Kisses for Cash Kali’s story…T1D meets T2D Book Three is also an illustrated chapter book with 116 pages; ISBNs-13:978-1535349888 & (e-book) -10:1535349883; $18.00; easily available online and your local library(ies) by request.

These books were a great pleasure to write and illustrate – and re-read!  I know you will enjoy each and every one.

Thank you.

Andrea K. Roth (aka: A. K. Buckroth) #buckroth

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