Patch Pump

“Patch Pump: Referred to as the EoPatch, it’s a rectangular pager-sized insulin pump that adheres to the skin without the need for plastic tubing like traditional pumps use. It’s fully disposable and waterproof, lasting 72 hours on the body and holding up to 200 units of insulin.Mar 20, 2019. ”
Unfamiliar with this exact term, “Patch Pump,” my research into a tubeless type of insulin pump delivery system brought me swiftly to the designated website shown above. Once again, my medical doctors have not lead me – or even mentioned to me – that such a deivice has been available. This ad is dated 2016! WTH?!
Comparable to the OmniPod, this latest “EoPod” has been manufactured in a South Korean Company called “EoFlow.” I find it astounding. I also wonder if governmental tensions between the United Sates and the South Koreans has anything to do with the lack of marketing to appropriate diabetes care entities here in the United States.
After all, “it combines a continuous glucose monitor with an insulin patch pump to rival the tubeless OmniPod.” I like that ideal – a tubeless insulin pump WITH a glucose monitor. As the web article reads, “it rivals the tubeless OmniPod.
Just sayin,…. #buckroth

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