Latest T1D Books…by Yerachmiel Altman

…”I Can Help Take Care Of Me: A book about

Type 1 diabetes (Learning to Live with

Diabetes for Children).”

“…is a poetic introduction for children living with diabetes. The book goes through the standard methods of care that a child will be living with, demonstrates how the equipment works and what it does. The book should help a child to see that his diagnosis is not the end of the world and is something that he’ll live and work with. The book is also an excellent teaching tool for family members, teachers, classmates and others that need to become knowledgeable in diabetes.

I’ve written this book to help children diagnosed with type 1 diabetes learn the “basics”. It begins with the child’s diagnosis, gives simple explanations of what type 1 diabetes is, and then proceeds to show meters, pumps and CGMS sensors. It describes activities of daily living.

The aim is to familiarize children with the hardware and issues that they will be living with. This is NOT to be used as a medical book. I am NOT working with dosing, carbohydrate counting, or other specific medical issues as these must be handled by the medical team.”


The Moose with the Pump: A book for children with type 1 diabetes (Type 1 diabetes for children) by [Yerachmiel Altman, Moose Pump, Sara Chana Altman]Available at! Because you need to know. 🙂

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