T1D Specialty Books to Include a Dog with Diabetes

As a living testament to a lifetime with diabetes, my authorship with numerous books on the subject have come to fruition. “Me and My Dog Named Money…a child’s story of diabetes, Book One,” copyright in 2019:
“Me & My Money Too, Book Two,” copyright 2019; and
“Kisses for Cash…T1D meets T2D” copyright 2016,
continue to inspire readers aged 8 – 108.

Handsomely illustrated by Amy Pichly Meyer and author A. K. Buckroth, such drawings help bring a visual to the management of diabetes. These elementary grade children’s books delicately bring up the subject of diabetes with animals. Such diagnoses have risen over 300% in the last decade. So, “Money & Cash,” are family pets. Read about their lives with their loving humans.

Available through Amazon, Smashwords, Goodreads through e-readers and paperbacks, look up and ask for “A. K. Buckroth.” You’ll be happy you did!

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