Getting Work Done!

Accomplishing what may seem like simple tasks to some people can become chaotic encumbrances when a person is faced with many tasks in one day.  Let me explain.

As a person who receives self-accolades on what I accomplish each day, at times I am overwhelmed.  I don’t look for anyone to say to me “Oh, you did a great job,” or “I like blah blah blah.”  I just do things, many things, and do not expect an appreciable comment.  This conundrum is my own fault, I know.  But I have narrowed this business of a busy life to one thing: a self-diagnosis of OCD = Obsessive Compulsive Disorder.

As an author, one of many joys in my life is to write.  I have written and self-published books, ideas for books, articles, blogs such as this one, reminder notes to myself or someone else, e-mails to lots of people, lists of things to do and a grocery list.  Part of my problem is that I work at home.  For instance, if I stay in one place (office) too long, one dog or another will nudge me for attention.  Relentless, they need exercise and just plain want my attention.  That’s a good thing, really.  Exercise was my main goal when I first got these beloved creatures.  So, after throwing their tennis balls up and down the hall for a half hour, they rest and I begin another project – maybe laundry.

Maybe vacuuming, maybe talking on the phone, maybe visiting a neighbor, maybe preparing lunch and dinner,  maybe listening calmly to a friend.  Maybe gardening.  Maybe harvesting one of four gardens.  Maybe mowing the lawn.  Maybe grocery shopping, Maybe dusting.  Maybe, maybe, maybe.  All in all, I can’t sit still!  At least not for too long.

The term for this is “multi-tasking.”  Do you do this?

For now, I will get back to writing – at least for a little while.  I’m waiting to hear the dryer buzz, informing me that the laundry is dry.  Now it will need to be folded.


Just sayin’…A. K. Buckroth.



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