Me & My Money Too…a child’s story with diabetes

This second chapter book continues the series – a trilogy, perhaps… …to reinstate the main diabetic characters: Kali, now ten years old, and her adopted dog, Money, now 2 years old. My written attempts to express the life responsibilities, concerns and strategies of a … Continue reading

Me & My Money…a child’s story of diabetes

Copyrighted in 2012, Me & My Money…a child’s story of diabetes, took two years to write. From birthing thoughts, jotting ideas, typing a manuscript, carrying a daily journal, contacting an illustrator,  building the manuscript, proofreading and editing again and again … Continue reading


For diabetes caregivers, friends, family members and, of course, T1 AND T2 diabetics, this article regards one of many operational defects involved with having to wear an insulin pump.  Let me [try] to familiarize this phrase for you: “Occlusion Detected.” Occlusion plainly … Continue reading