“End of March Madness Sale”

Interested in E-books?   This “End of March Madness Sale” is just that, madness to introduce you to a book called “My Diabetic Soul – An Autobiography.”

It is insightful, inspirational, and on sale for a limited time at mydiabetcisoul.com!  Go to the “Buy The Book Now” tab at the top of the page.  Then,  follow the brief directions on using the code word (“march”) for your limited time discount. 

This opportunity lasts only until midnight, March 31, 2011.

Of course, written as an autobiography the author’s stories are true.  Having lived over a half-century with diabetes, minute strategizing along with courage, self-discipline and perseverance have developed a positive blueprint to health.  The author shares a  diabetic’s life blueprint with you, through this encouraging book. 

Read A. K. Buckroth’s personal story.  It reflects her encouragement in self-care.  It promotes knowledge.  It promotes learning.  It promotes spiritual and physical growth with pro-activity.

This book can help you help yourself in the world of diabetes: self-care, management, daily planning, learning, etc., are all ingredients to a sucessful life.  This book relates life with a terminal condition!

The discounted E-book version is available now at mydiabeticsoul.com. Use code word “march” for the limted-time-discount.

“My Diabetc Soul – An Autobiography” by A. K. Buckroth is also available in Paperback and Audio Book

Check them out!

Partial proceeds go toward “The Barton Center for Diabetes Education.”

Thank you.  A. K. Buckroth.


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