NEW NEWS: “The Center for Diabetes Education”

A Special Event is being organized at The Clara Barton Birthplace Museum in North Oxford, Massachusetts!  In short, I will be available to autograph my book, “My Diabetic Soul – An Autobiography,” at the museum.  The date is set for August 20, 2011 between the hours of 1 & 4pm.  

Originally known as “The Clara Barton Birthplace Camp,” the history behind this particular camp is short but succinct, beginning in 1932.  “Clara Barton, a well-acknowledged Civil War nurse, was born at the camps’ present site in 1821 in North Oxford, Massachusetts.  Ms. Barton’s claim to fame was her founding the American Red Cross organization through her compassionate humanitarianism.  Being a Universalist by faith, her Church purchased the 96 acres of land for use for inner-city youths.  With Dr. Elliott P. Joslin’s dedication to diabetic children as far back as 1921, these combined efforts and knowledge led to the creation of “The Clara Barton Birthplace Camp,” now known as “The Center for Diabetes Education (CDE).”  Sonneborn, Liz.  Clara Barton Founder, American Red Cross copyright 1992.

The Center for Diabetes Education ( is a long running and long-standing  non-profit organization.   I know first hand. 

I fell in love with this summer camp for girls as a child many years ago at the age of six.  Having been diagnosed with diabetes at the age of two, a diabetologist doctor (Charles A. Graham) at the Joslin Diabetes Center in Boston, Massachusetts, highly suggested my camp attendance.  My mother did not have to hear this twice.  She trusted the word of Dr. Graham.  I did as well. 

So, it was agreed.  Off to camp I went for my first  two weeks.  Never did I think that I would be able to go back every summer for the next nine summers!  I remained elated every year and robustly looked forward to the adventure!   

Since the CDE’s founding, many summer camps across the United States have followed suit for the care of children with diabetes.   At this writing, I am saddened to have not been able to locate such an organization among other countries.   CDE is known internationally, giving me the opportunity to meet diabetic children from other countries. 

Through my experiences at CDE those many years past, I thoroughly encourage the caregivers – parents, grandparents, guardians, family members and friends – of diabetic children to allow them to go to such a specific camp.  Their learning experiences will not only be delightful, but their social skills with diabetes, their learning how to take care of themselves is and will be priceless!

My high appraisal of CDE may be read in my book. 

To date, partial proceeds from the sale of my book go toward CDE: its operations and maintenance, its infirmary medical supplies, sports equipment for the children, sleeping bags and camping necessities, etc.  Their ‘wish list’ never changes!  This can be found at their website as noted. 

In retrospect, when purchasing a copy whether it be as an E-book, a Paperback, or an Audio Book, consider the purchase as a tax write-off!  This is something to keep in mind with all of your purchases, especially if you consider yourself an entrepreneur or a small business owner.

To briefly conclude, this is one way you can help educate youngsters effected and affected with and by diabetes.  This is a family disease.  Therefore, you will be assisting families with their constant learning efforts regarding the bafflement and confusion of diabetes.  Your help is appreciated. 

As it is easier for me to come to you,  I look forward to making your acquaintance.  This event is a nice way to spend a Saturday afternoon – book a tour of the grounds and visit the historical home of Clara Barton!

Truly…A. K. Buckroth,,,


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