TCOYD. Huh? What the heck?

This article will briefly concentrate on a “TOCYD” event.   TCOYD is the acronym for “Taking Care of Your Diabetes.”  I was one of 1,5oo participants to be able to part take in this event that was held for the first time in Sacramento County, California, on Saturday, February 27, 2010.

This is a non-profit organization that was inspired by Ken Facter, MD, MBA, JD.  Not until 1995 did Dr. Facter’s associate/colleague, Dr. Steven Edelman, envision a “patient-oriented educational conference” to totally involve and encompass the lives of all diabetics and their non-diabetic significant others.  Having met Dr. Edelman, the man exudes hope, confidence and a positive will toward appreciation and understanding of this disease.

Why was this ‘conference’ never brought to the Sacramento, CA, area before now?  I do not know.   As much as any other area around our globe, diabetics and their non-diabetic counterparts are massive in numbers.

I first learned about this event/organization through a mailed flyer back in early January, 2010.  The JDRF (Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation) notified me.  How do they know of my existence?  That’s easy to answer.  Having been diabetic for fifty years, the JDRF is inescapable in most aspects related to diabetes to include locating people.  After reading and re-reading this two-page brochure, I decided it would be worth my while in time and money for a Saturday.  Enough time was alloted to plan my busy schedule to parttake in this event.  I also borrowed some loose change from my ‘piggy bank’ (a glass jar) just-in-case.

Over all, I am glad I participated.  It is always nice, comforting, to meet and hear people discuss the cumbersome and intricate facts involved with living this disease.  Diabetes remains unappreciated and misunderstood

If interested, please research “Taking Care of Your Diabetes.”   Events are held across the United States to include Hawaii.  Perhaps in your travels, you may want to learn more about attending such a learned and upbeat affair.   

Take care!  AR.

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