Urban Diabetes

Have you ever heard of such a thing…”Urban Diabetes?”  I have not.  Until today.  With that being written here’s a link for you to visualize this subject…. http://www.citieschangingdiabetes.com/

Norvo Nordisk, one of many a pharmaceutical companies in the world, began 90 years ago!   [“It began with the two small Danish companies Nordisk Insulin Laboratorium and Novo Terapeutisk Laboratorium founded in 1923 and 1925, respectively. The two companies started the production of the revolutionary new drug insulin that had just been discovered by two Canadian scientists.”]

“Nearly two-thirds of all people with diabetes live in cities. It’s an emergency in slow motion. But urban diabetes is not inevitable. If we work together, we can create cities which help us live more healthy lives.”

Check it out at: #UrbanDiabetes in 75 seconds.  I’m a T1D, also a life-long ‘urbanite!’  How about you?

Just sayin’…A. K. Buckroth

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