Latest Book Release by A. K. Buckroth

Here it is, finally, the of My Diabetic Soul – An Autobiography Revised Edition by me, A. K. Buckroth.

This revision contains a sharper, cleaner context making reading easier; a wider page format providing wider page borders for ease of holding the paperback to read; a new TOC (Table of Contents) with chapter clarity; an easy-to-use Index for you to look up details; and, the best part…a new cover.  Sure, the cover still holds a depiction of a caduceus symbol, but it is now in blue, the international color of diabetes.

Yes, it remains available in paperback, e-book, and audio book through numerous retailers such as, Kindle .com,,,…for your convenience.  Googling will assist you, of course.

I’m sure you will enjoy this revision as much as I did writing it!

Thank you for visiting  Please leave a comment and come back soon for further updates.  Also, look forward to upcoming updates in 2019 with my other books.

With my best regards…A. K. Buckroth


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