Books: “My Diabetic Soul – An Autobiography” versus “My Diabetic Soul – An Autobiography Revised Edition”

Let me explain….

My Diabetic Soul – An Autobiography copyright 2010, remains a good read for those of you that have a copy.  As it was originally published through an Indie Publisher, typos in this original version had not been addressed – until now.

Only available for sale as an audio version, read by the author, your quick download via is efficient.

My Diabetic Soul – An Autobiography Revised Edition copyright 2018, has taken its place.  Its plot and setting are not too different from the original.  However, this book holds recent updates with diabetes care, has a delightfully useful Index along with Internet Reference Resources from research.   This latest version not only has a bright, colorful title cover, it is crisper to read with available and comfortable inner space.  It has been profesisonally copyedited and proofread.  Shorter Chapters with new Titles increase clarity and voice through the story.   It is also proudly included in the Library of Congress under #2018961888.

After numerous months of efforts, it is available through in paperback and e-book formats.  The Nook by Barnes & Noble carries the e-book format, of course.

ISBN- 13; 9781492839682  and ISBN- 10; 149283968X; it is 324 pages, 45 Chapters, with photos.

I just wanted to let you know.

Best regards,

A. K. Buckroth (#buckroth)



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