Judy’s Update (Re: Kidney Transplant)

In brief, and right off the bat, Judy is doing well – exceedingly well.

After seven years of dialysis treatments three times a week, this kidney transplant is a miracle.  Strange to say or even appreciate, she is able to urinate on her own.  As a dialysis patient,  this particular body function was halted.  I cannot imagine…

Also, her second day after surgery, she is eating like never before.  For instance, French Toast and an egg with coffee for breakfast; corn/clam chowder for lunch; lasagna for supper.  The corn chowder is what startled me.   “Corn?” I repeated in great surprise.  “Gosh, that kidney sure is doing its job if you are able to digest and pass corn!” 

Before the transplant, she was unable to drink most any liquids or fluids.  Her food intake was minimal.  This ever-so-stringent diet included no more than a tablespoon of water – per day!  Always a hot tea lover, I know she will now be able to resume this fondness.  OMG.  Wonders, wonders, wonders. 

Transported to a ‘regular’ hospital room just this morning (Saturday, May 15, 2010) after ICU for two days, her doctors are gleaming with delight.  Dr. Shimul Shah, Assistant Professor of Surgery, Organ Transplantation at UMass Medical School had told her that day, March 12, 2010, that it was his birthday.  “And you’re getting the presents,” he said.  Dr. Jeffrey Stoff, nephrologist, visits with her, of course, checking the incision and adjusting her insulin along with the other required meds.  Yuck, I hate meds.

Due to her being on a ‘dextrose’ drip, her blood sugars have escalated.  As she realized what was happening, her terminal feisty attitude toward self-care  awakened.  “I need more insulin!” she told a nurse.  It is just plain good that she knows what is going on.  Forty years with diabetes, she knows better than most, including medical staff.  Ha, that is the same attitude I carry!

Yes, she was given a larger dose of insulin and is leveling off, so to speak.  Yes, the immunosuppressant drugs, her pain meds, and whatever other required medications are working, but not without consequences.  Her body is “puffy,” as Judy describes it. 

All in good time with concentrated prayers, she will get through this – and so will the rest of us!  Halleluia!

A. K. Buckroth, www.mydiabeticsoul.com

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