A Successful Life As A Diabetic

My Diabetic Soul – An Autobiography” by A. K. Buckroth

This article introduces you to a successful life of a diabetic.  Through the publication of  My Diabetic Soul – An Autobiography by A. K. Buckroth, I share my life with you while enduring over fifty years with diabetes.  The book joyfully begins with my birth in 1957 following with the medical diagnosis of diabetes in 1959.  At the age of two years old, I was tagged – labeled – and presently remain acknowledged as a juvenile diabetic.  At the age of twelve, I was told I would be dead before I reached thirty-one years.  Zealousness took over after I heard that.  It was important for me to get things done: travel, graduate, have a family, etc. before my term was up!  This book may even be considered as a historical process in the life of any successful diabetic.  

As mentioned, this book travels through a half-century of my life beginning with necessary growing tumults of childhood due to this disease; on through adolescence; living through peer pressures; one marriage with three miscarriages; single-motherhood; college graduations; world travels; and careers all while fighting to stay alive on a daily basis.  Learning maturity along with self-respect, self-discipline and having to succumb to norms of societal conformity have thus far resulted in a progressive and happy life.  That always was the ultimate goal.   With a soaring spirit, my story is told.

Through nine summers spent at the Clara Barton Birthplace Camp for Girls  (now known as The Barton Center for Diabetes Education, Inc.), I recall being flabbergasted and relieved that there were other girls like me.  Incredibly awesome!  Serious fun through sharing, learning, singing, laughing, playing, and more learning had been instilled in my soul to the present day, my diabetic soul.  The numerous and knowledgeable camp staffers not only guided and directed me towards living healthy, it set the foundation of my life, to be able to live my life.  I continue to live responsibly and successfully under that guidance.  Once you accept to know right from wrong, nothing can be so bad.  Through the grace of being able to go to camp, I learned how to figure it all out properly with diligence.

With that in mind, proceeds from the sale of this book will go to the ongoing endeavors of The Barton Center.  That statement is plainly stated in the book along with the address of The Barton Center just in case a reader or more would like to make a separate donation.

Everyone needs a heroine and a miracle – maybe just a good example.  Five decades of living with diabetes has been an honor, a divine gift.  Sound corny?  Once you read this autobiography, you will not only know what I mean, but you will believe in your strengths. You can maintain a balanced busy life!  I am proof that diabetes is not a death threat.   Accomplishments and encumbrances happen with or without strategizing one’s lifestyle.  “My Diabetic Soul – An Autobiography,” is a reality redeemer for all readers. 

My website, www.Mydiabeticsoul, is available for further information with access to the first two chapters of the book and a Contact Me section, my favorite part.  I like to hear your thoughts and opinions.  The Simplie Indie Online Store is presently taking orders for paperback  and e-book versions.  Enjoy and take care – important words to live by!

 A. K. Buckroth, www.mydiabeticsoul.com, www.SimplieIndie.com, www.GlobalDiabetesAwareness.com.


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  1. Hey There!
    I read the intro and first chapter on the site. Can’t wait to order book. The timeline you provide captured my attention. Although I wasn’t born then I can visualize the events.

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