Welcome to my world!

An e-mail friend of mine, Karen, just had her third kidney transplant.  Due to diabetes complications, this happened.  It is one of the facts of life with diabetes.  My kid-sister, Judy, awaits her third kidney.  All this to stay alive.  Judy has been on ‘the [kidney donor] list’ for four years now.  I think because her blood type is O-, which rare in itself, donors are scarce.


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  1. Andrea,

    Iv’e known you many-many years and I am so proud of what you have accomplished. Keep up the good work. Our prayers are with you and your sister Judy in her time of need. Love ya lots.

  2. Another puppy has arrived at our house! Now I look forward to getting more necessary exercise to keep my Bgs (blood sugar levels) balanced. One of those many – and aily – strategies I mention in “My Diabetic Soul.” I hope you read it soon!

    • Beth Grant Posted on Hey, I think this is really cool. I love the posts you make on dfrfeient things you blame Lupus for. It is a funny side of blaming stray things on Lupus. Thanks for sharing.

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