The Voice of the People, My Peeps!

Good Morning, Good Afternoon, Good Evening – whichever the case may be!

The Voice of the People, my “peeps,” has been heard.  Literally, your comments have been read in response to each and every blog that I have posted.  Thank you for your time and your sharing.  Each and every one is appreciated.

This blog was formed due to a book I wrote: “My Diabetic Soul – An Autobiography.”  Because of my sporadic blogging, comments arrive every day.   These comments from you, all of you,  have been ‘read,’ pondered, and saved.  I thank you.  Your comments are enlightening, encouraging and beneficial.

HOWEVER, I do not reply to you one-by-one.  Not only is this due to a time factor, but also because of “worms.” Yep, worms. These are the infamous computer worms that wreak havoc upon any computer system.  Since blogging on this site, I have received 394 worms. Yep, 394! Yuck, yuck and double yuck!  I do not like worms, whether in my computer or slimily wreathing upon the ground.  In my world, worms were created for fishing, not ‘phishing.’ Therefore, literal fishing men and women all over the world can have them.  Peace be with you on that subject!

Most accumulated remarks have come from your readings on my being a “cyborg” due to using an insulin pump.  Many other comments pertain to “The Diabetes Center for Education” (DCE).  In fact, partial proceeds from the sale of this recently published book, “My Diabetic Soul – An Autobiography,” are contributed to that non-profit organization.  I am glad to have read that you like this action.   This is another one of my endeavors toward a win-win outcome.

To briefly explain, the DCE  is a seasonal learning and awareness “camp” for children, adults and their families whom are effected an affected with this disease.  I spent nine summers of my childhood there.  That’s a long time!  BUT, I thoroughly learned how to take care of myself from giving myself insulin injections (at age 6), to balancing food intake, to varying types of exercises performed each and every day.   

Another popular topic of interest involves the fact of Diabetes Supplies and Expenses (“Medical Expenses”).  This particular article seems to have enlightened many non-diabetic persons to the costs and efforts of each and every diabetic having to maintiain a successful existence with diabetes.  Facts is facts!  The truth hurts!

Your inquiries have successfully heightened my awareness and knowledge.  Truly.

For instance, repeated questions of “where did you get your website?”; “why did you (or didn’t you) mention this (whatever) in your article;” “why can’t I get your RSS feed” (IDK what such a thing is)?

Further comments remark on misspellings (thank you); the positive aspects of certain and often detailed subject matter; the sharing and ‘bookmarking’ of certain informative blogs; and the awareness of shared information, infomation that some individuals never thought about.  I am glad to have enlightened you.  At least I like to think I did!

Without further ado, I look forward to hearing from you!  My next blog will involve a controversial topic of eating sugar-free foods.  I’m sure you will find this interesting.

Best regards!  Keep learning!  And read my book!  It is available online as an E-book, a Paperback, and an Audio Book.  (

As always…A. K. Buckroth. Author, Speaker


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