Diabetic Television

As profound as this fact may seem, “dLife” has been in existence for many years.  I bring up the subject because I have not heard nor read anything about it from anyone.  No, I am not one of their marketeers or sales specialists or advertisers or in any way, shape or form involved with the organization.

Due to acquiring UVerse television cable operations most recently, I may now be able to view dLife.  I have not had a chance to check the TV schedule for 4:00pm Pacific Time.  In the meantime, I happened to Google search dLife and can summarize the webpages as quite thorough pertaining to Diabetes and diabetics.

And so, I am looking forward to some feedback on the show: Have you seen it?  Is it a good Sunday late-afternoon watch?  Are the topics challenging, making you want to think about this world-wide pandemic?  I am interested.  I hope to be able to see the show this afternoon, January 24, 2010.

Thank you.  AK.


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    • I never count calories, either. For me it’s always been about eating heelhty-sizad portions of healthy foods. 200 calories of fruits and veggies will always be better for you than 200 calories of potato chips. SO MANY people I know who diet get totally caught up in exactly how many calories they’re eating, rather than how good for them the food actually is.

      • Good for you, Eve! Continue to take care of yourself. As a Ti! (Type One Diabetic) since age 2, I have no other choice and was trained to take care of myself.

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