“ACS Should run, not walk, toward a Cure”

This re-typed article, verbatim, was found in the Worcester [Massachusetts] Telegram & Gazette (WTG).  WTG is the most prominent newspaper of that state.  Written by Robert C. Rose of Baldwinville, I find importance in sharing it with you…

“There’s another walk for a cancer, and I say enough is enough.  In 1913, a society was formed to study cancer, and to discover the possible causes.  During this period, cancer was blamed for everything that the doctor had no answer for.

“In 1934, women joined in the fight.  One of the things accomplished was changing the name to what we have today, the American Cancer Society (ACS).  Let’s now go to 1971.  Richard Nixon was our president, and one of the major objectives outlined in hs State of the Union address was for Congress to approve additional funding for his “War on Cancer.”  Still no cure.

Here we are, 90 years after the  ACS was formed, and still no cure.  Cancer touches every family worldwide and yet we still walk or run for a cure with no questions.  It’s time to demand a cure.  We are quick to voice our objections to our government every day and hold politicians accountable.  Isn’t it time to hold the ACS accountable?  Demand a cure and demand that the cuurrent 15 cents on every dollar for research be increased.  Let the head of ACS and the top administrative staff take pay cuts, with no bonus money paid until we have a cure.

“Personally, I believe there’s a cure, but think about the job losses and the effect on this economy.  Let’s all hold the ACS accountable for a cure now, not later.  It’s long overdue.”

My note: Now, as diabetes runs rampant alongside cancer with Parkinsons Disease and Multiple Sclerosis close, along with too-oo-oo many other diseases, each and every money-raising-disease organization needs to read this.  15 cents from every dollar raised is ludicrous.  As I’ve written before, coontributions to research are a bottomless pit.  I know first hand – I’ve been raising money for St. Jude’s, JDRF (Joslin Diabetes Research Foundation), the ADA (American Diabetes Association), and so so many others for 45 years now!  Cure something, release the cures, darn it.  THIS DECADE!  Yes, they are long overdue! 

Truly,  A. K. Buckroth, author “My Diabetics Soul – An Autobiography.”

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