“Women of Color”

The “2012 Annual Sacramento Women of Color Day/Diversity Event” is in its 27th year!  Once again organized and coordinated by Suzanne Brooks, CEO, I am happy to report that I was invited and participated in this occasion.  Held at the Sacramento, CA, Library on I Street, my participation brought recognition to my book “My Diabetic Soul – An Autobiography.”

“This year’s program focused on women of color…to come out of social margins with recognition of  achievements and contributions, increased communication among us, writing and telling our stories as a basis of new, innovative strategies for positive social changes that include us, and document our experiences for all people and for all time….”  http://www.womenofcolorday.com/htdocs/achievements.htm 

As an author, I am involved in many author/writing clubs.  One in particular, “Gold Country Wordsmiths (GCWordsmiths.com), invited me to partake in this special event.  I give warm thanks to GCW member Robert Steffen, ACTV Producer,  for his original and incited invitation.

Why me?  Why was I invited?  Having successfully and courageously lived with diabetes for over fifty years, with minimal effort I try to  inspire all Type 1 and Type 2 Diabetics as well as non-diabetics to lead a healthful and progressive life.  This is my current career goal.  Through my book, I express being ostracized as a child with diabetes; adolescent peer pressures; college accomplishments; career building; marriage; tribulations occurring with a successful pregnancy; and onto menopause. 

The Women of Color event allowed me to reach out to many people once again!  It basically “honors outstanding women of color for achievements/contributions, and women, men, businesses, and organizations of all cultures supporting/promoting diversity.”   Colorful I am!

With this personal endeavor, Louis Borelli, owner of “A Book X Change” bookstore in Auburn, CA, encouraged participated with a set-up of a diverse collection of books that are sold in his store.  Louis is talented in noticing diverse authors such as Gail McGonigle, author of “Dad’s Home Alone: Caring for Your Elderly Parent;” Louise Schnur, author of “From Darkness to Light;” and Robert Steffen, author of “The Holy Day…as it is on Earth, as it is in Heaven.”

Progressive and successful networking, brainstorming, sharing, and learning were – and are – encompassed with and through community endeavors.  It is a matter of getting involved.  Pursue your innovations.  Grow with them and you will become accomplished.  Learn, learn, learn then learn some more!  Most importantly, take care – important words to live by! 

Sincerely, A. K. Buckroth, Author, Speaker


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