Having a bit of a doldrum day.  Three of the days events: on-call nannying, chiropractic visit, and volunteerig – were cancelled allowing me to be lazy.  I did not choose to be lazy.  I did not want to be lazy today.  I would prefer to have been more vivacious and people-greeting, site-visiting.  

This predicament is not up to the stars because there are no stars due to the constant and tenth day of rain.  It is not up to the stars.  Ho hum. 

I do look forward to seeing two friends this evening.  Cake and birthday tune is wonderful.  I am grateful for the little bit of recognition received.  I greatly enjoy some off-the-cuff attention as much as anyone else.  Birthdays are meant for that.  E-mail birthday wishes have been wonderfully surprising.  Those alone make me glad. 

It’s my birthday!  I am glad.


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