Hibernating Christmas

It’s time, people.  It’s time to put Christmas, 2012, away.  I hate to admit it – or go through the rigorous endeavors of having to do it – but it must be done.

Whichever room I happen to be in at the moment is where I shall begin.  The Christmas quilt is first to be laundered, folded and packed away in an air tight, zippered bag.  Decorative Christmas pillows go through the same process.

Hm.  Living room.  Stockings come away from the mantel first, that’s easy.  Added to the Christmas tree skirt, hat, and stockings with their personal decorative hangers, they await packing in a pile on the floor.  Decorative kitchen and bath hand towels will be an addition after being used to wipe down kitchen counters, refrigerator, dining room table and such.  Heck, they make good cleaning cloths!  With the hot pan holders, cloth napkins and tablecloths, linens become one in the same box.  Add a few moth balls, and I’m happy.

The trees.  There are two of these – one inside, one out.  Ugh.  This task takes more than a few days.  The outside tree can wait a few more days.  After all, I did a beautiful job decorating it if I say so myself.  My neighbors remain in awe.  And I rather like it myself, so it can stay decorated a little longer.  Truly, I do not look forward to dragging out the step stool to accomplish this task.  A poignant blue spruce, planted in April of 2005, is now a beautiful and healthy six feet tall on our property’s edge.   Part of this task involves removing multiples of red ribbons, bows, 6″ and 8″ glass bulbs, white and gold beaded garland and tinsel.  Well, maybe the tinsel can remain to blow in the wind.  It sparkles nicely.

The four window wreaths can wait a little longer along with the colorful display of roof lights.  The lights don’t blink, thank goodness.  Blinking lights are tortuous!

The inside tree becomes undressed a little at a time in passing.  A novel bulb here, a noel bell there, etc., will be removed – sooner or later.  Their Christmas box stands in the hall awaiting all members.  The ‘precious’ artifacts from decades past will remain until the very last.

For instance, the hand blown and painted glass balls from Poland are given special attention due to their delicate nature.  Or the ever-so-delicate penguin ornament, a gift from a precious friend; the ever-so-delicate Hawaiian shirt ornaments, remembrance of a trip to Hawaii; in addition to the crystal chimes in memory of our visit to the Westwood Crystal Manufacturing Plant in Ireland.  Ah, such glory!  Not only do they require more attentive packing and sealing, but they are most joyous – personal.

Included in this protective box are the most favorite and special ones – you know, the ones that your kids made in grade school.  They will hibernate with the ones from Europe those long years ago.  Mm mm, good memories.

After laundering with other items, the tree skirt is folded and added to the Christmas linen box, so labeled.  The porcelain, multi-character nativity and its scenery needs extra loving care.  Each piece of fifteen symbolic reputations are ever-so-carefully wrapped in cloth, secured with packing tape, placed in separate styrofoam containers, laid in a plastic padded and sealed box.  ‘Rubbermaid’ came in handy for this project and is easily recognized in blue.

Once the packing boxes are tightly closed with refreshed labels, they are placed one atop the other, awaiting outdoor shed placement.

Ah, I’m tired now.  Just thinking and planning all this as I share it with you means another 2012 goal has been accomplished!  Now, off to getting it done…

Happy 2013!

A. K. Buckroth



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    • Thank you for asking. I am flattered. Yes, please use what you need in quotes and leave the rest. OR refer resources, as you mentioned.

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