Yearning for Spring

It’s that time of year again.  Wetness from day-after-day of rain, colder temperatures, an ugly and constant muddiness, a consistent and persistent cloudy sky.  In sixteen days of this past mont, I saw the sun twice.   Because I work at home, my two dogs have become my salvation to get outside.  Otherwise, I would not go out at all.  Well, besides them and having to go to the grocery store.

Yep, I have a case of log-cabin fever with a touch of the doldrums.

Are you feeling that way?

Not to be inappreciable with nature, I know some geographic areas are lots worse than mine – weather-wise.  For instance, I have lived many many years on the East Coast of the continental U. S. A. and do not miss that weather!  Although I do miss watching snow-falls and ice skating, I do not miss the cold temperatures (the lowest I have personally experienced was negative 23 degrees below Fahrenheit!).  Nor do I miss that areas’ summer humidity.  Having lived a few months in the south-eastern U. S., the humidity was so heavy that I contracted a fungal discoloration and disorder in my skin!  I was medically told to treat that condition with Head & Shoulders shampoo, of all things.  Are you familiar with that?  I had to “smurf up” every day until it disappeared.  

I need a physical ‘re-birthing’ with some sunshine.  Spring allows me that grace.  Summer is another story in this area of northern California where I reside.  Having witnessed day-upon-day of temperatures above 105 degrees fahrenheit (the highest I lived through was 118 degrees), I think and remember the winter cold.  Autumn is a welcome reprieve and my favorite time of year.

On and on we go. 

How are you and your area’s weather?


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  1. napsal:Na druhou stranu, když jsem se dívala na youtube na starý klipy s Wabim, chápu tu touhu dívek dostat se mu do rukou. Ta hra tÄ›la za kytarou, ten pre8#itok&¾Å230; v posteli musel bejt úžasnej. Nevím, nevím, jestli bych odolala )) Já jsem na ty charismatický typy…

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