The Amazing Machine Inside of You

…Courtesy of Oak Point Chiropractic, Sacramento, California.

Can you imagine a machine that could heal your condition? Type in the right combination and cells react, repairing tissue and broken bones. A machine that regulates how many breaths you need for healing or one that beats your heart just enough to circulate the blood to areas in demand.

A machine this advanced could also send signals to its operator to slow it down or enter a sleep mode so updates could be downloaded.

It would be an amazing machine, cutting healthcare costs for millions. Undoubtedly, people would invest large sums just to have one and would go to great measures to take care of it. The demand for such a machine would be so great that suppliers could not keep up.

Want to know something more amazing? This machine exists within you. In fact, it is YOU. You were born with natural healing ability—you just have to take care of it!

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