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A. K. Buckroth, Award WInning Author

Book Reviews are important, not just for the reading consumers, but for the authors as well.   As an award-winning author, the vast majority of my paperback and e-book sales happen on  This is where you can find my books which are listed below.

As potential book buyers, the reviews are helpful to assist you, the reader, in making a buying decision.  In turn, reviews also help Amazon rank my books.  Rankings are important to authors.  They are important to me.  Being objective and positive in your writing of a review are simple keys.  Therefore, please write me a review.  Short and sweet is wonderful.

Among the numerous purchases of these beautiful books along with the hundreds – literally hundreds that have been given away – my requests for reviews will give me a lead to continue writing.  It’s all good.

Review Examples posted on

Kisses for Cash…T1D meets T2D Book Three by A. K. Buckroth

Amazon Review by William: “Having read pieces of this, … [the author] developed the concept and turned it into literature, I found the book heartwarming and honest, as well as technically proficient.”

Me & My Money Too…a child’s story of diabetes Book Two by A. K. Buckroth

Amazon Review by Theresa: “What a wonderful story of friendship and diabetes. It’s good for children with diabetes and for childern to have a good understanding of what it’s like to know someone with the disease.”

Me & My Money…a child’s story with diabetes by A. K. Buckroth

Amazon Review by Ruth: “Fantastic, original book. Great help for children and parents alike. The author did a wonderful job. A must-have for anyone who has or knows a child with diabetes.”

My Diabetic Soul – An Autobiography by A. K. Buckroth Amazon Review by T.M.: “A welcome insight to living with diabetes.  Well done!A welcome insight to living with diabetes. Well done!  If more people would read books such as this fine work, perhaps there would be much fewer people sadly misinformed about the intricacies of living with diabetes….” 

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