What does having diabetes mean to me?

Pondering the above-titled question took me a few minutes to answer.  Ask yourself the same question and see how long it takes you to answer.

There are more cons than pros considering this is a life-threatening, incurable disease that needs daily and nightly attention.  The details to looking and feeling good are never-ending.

In short, to me, having diabetes (T1D) specifically means: paying attention to my every action and inaction; regulating my insulin due to these actions and inactions; pricking more than one finger ten times a day – more if I’m sick – for a blood sugar level check.  Being careful with what I eat and drink throughout any day or night; being careful when figuring every dose of insulin – often a guessing game – in order to digest what I eat, is habitual.  Sometimes embarrassing in public, but it’s definitely habitual.

Finding time in my career to get a required 30-minute walk or bicycle ride for circulatory and neurologic (nerve) flows is often difficult – and often dependent upon the weather – but it can be done.

Having this disease for 60 years has certainly taught me courage, persistence, perseverance, and a host of other things, good and bad.  I am a warrior!

I like life.  I am a happy person and find the positive in all situations.  Sometimes things were meant to be, no coincidence.  My spirit is healthy, my belief system is strong along with my faith.

What do you think?

Just wonderin’.  #buckroth

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