I’ve missed you!

Yes, I have certainly and most definitely missed writing you.  However, there are good reasons.

To begin, my insulin pump stopped working for at least eight days.  Not familiar with such a device?  Well, I won’t share a long description or explanation.  Briefly, it is a computerized machine, similar to a human pancreas, that I wear on my waistband.  That’s the simple part.  When it refuses to operate properly and as programmed, sickness occurs.  As an insulin-dependent diabetic for over fifty years now, being without insulin for even a very short period of time turns me into a physical, emotional, and psychological mess!  It’s just plain awful. 

With that said, I contacted my dependable pharmacy for a refill on a box of one hundred syringes and one vial of a long-lasting type of insulin.  Seventy-six dollars later, I was at a teary point.  How many times must a person budget a budget?!  I guess as many times as it takes.  Not easy.

To go on, the scheduled carpet cleaners were expected at 10:00am and did not show until 5:00pm.  Okay, I swallowed my tongue and got over that. 

Then, one of my two dogs had diarrhea.  Yep.  Not a pretty sight.  Again, I took care of that.

Due to something I wrote in my book, an autobiography mind you, insulted a family member.  She has not spoken to me for six days.   Good Lord!

Wait, I’m not done yet!

A member of the charitable organization that is to receive proceeds from the sale of the aforementioned autobiography e-mailed me a request to stop mentioning the book on their newsgroup.  Can you believe that?!  I am beside myself – with a hole in my heart!  How can that even be a possibility?!  

To top it off, my telephone stopped working.  That could actually be a good thing, if you really think about it.  However, I was unable to place outgoing calls for three days.  Ho hum.

With my husband being in La (comic relief for “Los Angeles”), I try my hardest not to complain and put all these conundrums in a humorous light.  After all, there’s nothing he can do.   So, I go on.

So, what’s up in YOUR world?!    I thank you for your ongoing visits to my website.  I look forward to viewing viewers’ views.  Ha ha.

I just wanted to ‘touch base’ and let you know I am still here.  I like you and will be in touch sooner than you can – well, whatever.  Goodnight!  Thank you for listening.  AK.



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