Hmm.  This word, “relationship,” has been on my mind of late.  Flatly, a relationship is a connection.  As humans, we have a relationship with, to and for other people.  That is the easy part.  Such an intangible begins as a kinship through family and extended family.  It’s a people thing. 

As we progress and mature, we unknowingly come across a wide gamut of relationships.  For instance, one with nature, one with the law, a medical team, and another, perhaps, with business (work).   When I think about it, the list can be endless.

However, I would like to narrow down this noun with the relationship we possess with ourselves?  With your self?

Have you ever had anyone ask you “How is your relationship with you?”    Hmm.  Cause to pause.  Simple answers are more easily forthcoming through being asked simply “How are you?”

Analytically, a relationship with your self is private and may produce an in-depth, complicated answer.   It is easier to reply with the factors of your involvement with another person or persons, with your work routine, your environment, the causes you support, your political and/or religious views, etc.   

My relationship with me involves caring for my physical needs first, then onto my emotional needs.   My relationship with myself is not always as shiny as I may portray.   I cater to the harmony of myself in order to be aware and attentive to others’ needs and requirements.  A little too heavy?  Well, I thought it interesting to at least think about!

So, how are you?!  How is your relationship with yourself these days?


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