Judy’s Update III (RE: Kidney Transplant)

Judy goes home today!  Excited to share this with you, such news does not come without apprehension and fright.

After undergoing a kidney transplant on March 12th, ironically her surgeon’s birthday, her progress is delightful!  Besides having to maintain a minute strategizing of her body, mind and soul through insulin shots, pain medication and immuno-suppressant drugs, her attitude is upbeat and anxious.  I do not blame her.  Eight days in a hopital environment is plenty!  Although her overall care was excellent at UMASS (University of Massachusetts), her 40+ years of diabetes knowledge and stubborn independence will blossom once again.  I believe.  I am proud of her.

Until next time, I remain a big sister.

A. K. Buckroth, MA, Author


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