What comes to your mind when someone mentions “camping” or says “I’m going camping?” Visions of tent setups and sleeping inside one in a ‘sleeping bag?’  A fire hole built with stone and wood, allowing the roasting of hot dogs and marshmallows?  Gazing at the universe of stars on a clear night?  Any number of positive visualizations come forth, right?  Well, that is where I was for the last five days – ‘camping.’ 

Not ever thinking of the adage “expect the unexpected,” I went forth headlong through many preparations a week beforehand until arriving at the final destination.  Grateful to own a ‘pop-up’ trailer, that in itself took two hours to set up.  The weather did not help.  Knowing in advance that the temperature would not be above 60 degrees fahrenheit, that came and went quickly at three o’clock in one afternoon. 

Then the unexpected arrived: hail, rain, more hail, wind, a temperature high of 27 degrees, more rain then snow.  Too wet to light a match to, the wood pile remained in the mud.  The portable heater ran 24/7; even the dogs shivered.  Having to walk them, I did so, pleasantly.  But they did not want to eat due to the strange environ.  Oh well.  After four days, we made it home safely, to the warmth and comfort of our home.

With all that being done, I became ever-so-grateful for what I have and what I do not have.  That concept of thought is really quite simple.  Think about it.   Use it.  Be grateful.  I am.

A. K. Buckroth

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