A Silly Lip-Smack on Smoothies

When hearing the word “smoothie,” thoughts of hot summer morning chores such as yard work were often awarded with a smoothie.  The short-drive-when-you-could-walk to the 7-11 was the closest smoothie location.  The summer mood is languorous, awaiting a saw-sucking delight splayed and sprayed from a metal container specifically for this purpose and in the store.  Desperate heat waves call for such measures. 

With that in mind, I never cared about the smoothie ingredients inside those large metal cylinders.  I wanted cold and sweet and that’s what I wanted!

Now I know better.  I think my age is teaching me to pay more attention to my body.  Therefore, I make my own smoothies.  As much of my daily life is spent between my kitchen and my home office, I greatly enjoy blending various fruits or colorful vegetables with the thought of being healthy.

Proclaiming to be a creative wizard, my concoctions are rarely shared  because much of the time I cannot remember what I put in the blender.  That’s the type of cook I am as well.  And I am a good cook! 

The blender is the mechanism of choice; the only kitchen appliance I use for my smoothies.  Oftentimes I have to hurry to find a container to refrigerate what was made in order to wash out the blender to make something else.  The easy and pleasant convenience of the smoothie container safely kept in the refrigerator is always looked forward to.

This habit has become a convenient and expected delight for any time of day in any type of temperature.  When I do not have time to make a sandwich or warm a bowl of soup or prepare a general meal, my smoothies are there – fruit or vegetable.

I delight in the fact that it is all natural with so many essential vitamins and minerals and pheromones, and whatever-mones that a body can handle.  This is what makes healthy eating fun.  There are many recipes on the internet that I indulge in or use as a base when adding my own ingredients.  It depends on what is available in my refrigerator. 

Hmm.  It is time to take a break.  You know I’m heading for the refrigerator for that banana-blackberry-stevia sweetened-2 peeled oranges-with water smoothie that I blended this afternoon.  It is waiting for me too!

Enjoy!  AK.


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