Old News, On My Mind

Oprah, Oprah, Oprah – yes, the one and only “Oprah [Winfrey]” with whom many of us are familiar.

I am referring to her television show that aired Thursday, February 4, 2010, regarding “diabetes.”  Having read enough blogs from naysayers, I would like to rid of the negativity or at least try. 

As I am not a consecutive viewer of her show, I was able to catch the last ten minutes of this particular one.  Thanks to bloggers’ notifications about its date and time, I never would have known. 

To go on, I simply want to thank Ms. Winfrey and her compatriots for attempting the subject of diabetes.  I am unfamiliar with other television show hosts having ever attempted this subject.  As a life-time diabetic, this disease and all of its subject matters are complex, baffling, intricate in daily details, tiring, and unending.  How could one show-host cover it all?  “Impossible,” I say. 

Aside from “dTV (diabetic television),” a supposed television show pertaining strictly to diabetes, I have never known diabetes to be internationally broadcast.  “dTV” is unavailable to me, therefore, I cannot comment on its progression.  I knew of its existence through a magazine advertisement seen many years ago.  Why not comment on that show?  I, for one, would like to hear about it.  Perhaps it no longer exists.

To conclude, Ms. Winfrey brought international notification and realization to the pandemic of diabetes – if only by simply giving it time.  Time is what is needed.  Unless a person lives with it, it is difficult to understand.  It may be appreciate; a diabetic’s efforts to thrive may be appreciated; but to understand is different.  It is a worldwide concern in competition with so many other human diseases.  Hindsight, as always, will materialize.  Simply, thank you, Ms. Winfrey.


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