Raw Foods

Raw Foods may be an old topic for some readers.  It certainly is for me.  However, this subject has been wildy rejuvenated and highlighted in the areas, albeit counties, of Northern California.  I know, I live here.

Whether you know it or not, raw foods consist of uncooked, uncanned, unfrozen, and/or unprocessed foods, especially fruits and vegetables.  Foods come in many packaged ways.  Shoppers and food preparers and daily planners know this.  All food types have different ingredients.  For instance, when in the supermarket choose two acceptable, familiar loaves of bread.  After reading the labels of each, turn them over and read the ingredients as well as the dietary amounts of each (e.g., carbohydrates, proteins, fats, sugars, vitamins, minerals, etc.).  Known as “label reading,” it is important to me and many of you, to know what you are putting into your bodies as well as that of your family members.   I refer to this action as self-respect. 

If you do not know what an ingredient is and cannot pronounce it, do  not eat it meaning do not buy it.  It is really that simple. 

Farmers’ Markets have been in existence for decades.  Purchasing such homegrown, local, and fresh-fresh-fresh delectible edibles not only helps the human body and soul, but helps to support our farmers.  The United States Federal Government cannot do everything.  We do not want them to!  Too many consequences!! 

Household vegetable and herb gardens can be enjoyable hobbies with positive results as well as a cost-saving results.  With this trend in mind, those folks whom do not have land property to grow edibles are encouraged to grow vegetables and herbs in patio pots and/or window boxes.  Ideas are everywhere.  Visit your local library! 

Keep in mind that retaining good health is an effort, but it is up to you.  On a small-scale raw celery, carrots, certain squashes, green beans, bell pepers along with all fresh fruits may be – perhaps should be – ingested on a daily basis.  This is up to you.  The benefits are countless!  Eat colors!  Doesn’t that sound like fun?  The amount is up to you.  Keep it simple and start small.  We are natural after all.  Best of health takes best of intentions.  Good health to all!


Jury Duty

Here is a situation that we all come across sooner or later among these beautiful United States – Jury Duty

Through our beloved USPS ( United States Postal Service), I have been “hereby summoned to serve as a trial juror for the Superior Court…”  At first impressed that a Superior Court would want me for any reason conjures up positive emotions.   After the 30 seconds it takes me to get over myself, I think rationally.  After all, I have done this numerous times in the past.  So being, the anxiety never lessens. 

Hmm.  My responsibilities will need to be put on hold.  That means a dog-sitter and walker, getting a lead on laundering (and not just personal clothes), pre-paying monthly bills, making unpaid-for-work arrangements, fill the gas tank, collect loose change for vending machines and lunch money, change my voice mail with directions, set my e-mails to ‘vacation response’ without a vacation, cancel appointments, meal plan, get my exercise workouts in now, pack reading materials and medications, and so many more errands that were once enjoyable and done at my leisurely pace!

I have been told to “throw it [the summons] away,” and claim that it was never received.  I have also been told by others who have themselves been told (hearsay) that if you do not respond, “they” will find you.  Who are “they?’  And once “they” find me, what are they going to do with me?

In bold, red print on the summons it reads: “Failure to appear when instructed is punishable by contempt and/or fine, pursuant to [whatever states’] code of procedure section 209.”  Phew!  That’s a lot of guilt for a temporaty volunteer position!   Being found “in contempt” means jail time – I do not want that.  Being “fined” is no better because I do not want to pay for someone else’s legal wrong-doing.  Throw them in the slammer and be done with it!  No no, can’t take that attitude.

So, by the ‘systems’ useful force of guilt-by-duress, I concede.  Following the printed instructions by making a necessary telephone call for reporting instructions, my jury duty-ship-ness is postponed for two days with a message to “contact this office after five o’clock in the evening.”   Such a bother! 

Well, my house is now the cleanest it has been since before Thanksgiving.  My bills uptaded.  The taxes are filed.  Errands are accomplished to include extra dog food and treats.  Everyone has been notified whether they need notification or not.

I am going forward.  Although being forwarned that I will be placed on “Standby Service,” a chosen book will keep me busy as I wait to be chosen – or not – while sitting on a hard plastic chair for six to eight hours.  Sure, I could choose to ‘disqualify’ myself, but there is no recourse for that.  I will go forward and promote my country’s legal system with my brain and my time.   If this is the best I can do to serve my country and its citizens, then so be it.  I’ll catch up on some reading.

Stay positive and expect the unexpected! 



Having a bit of a doldrum day.  Three of the days events: on-call nannying, chiropractic visit, and volunteerig – were cancelled allowing me to be lazy.  I did not choose to be lazy.  I did not want to be lazy today.  I would prefer to have been more vivacious and people-greeting, site-visiting.  

This predicament is not up to the stars because there are no stars due to the constant and tenth day of rain.  It is not up to the stars.  Ho hum. 

I do look forward to seeing two friends this evening.  Cake and birthday tune is wonderful.  I am grateful for the little bit of recognition received.  I greatly enjoy some off-the-cuff attention as much as anyone else.  Birthdays are meant for that.  E-mail birthday wishes have been wonderfully surprising.  Those alone make me glad. 

It’s my birthday!  I am glad.


Insulin: Discovered or Invented?

The history of insulin goes back to the early 1920s.  “Dr. Frederick Banting and Charles Best are known as the discoverers of insulin.  They first extracted insulin from the pancreases of dogs in 1921.”  www.TheHistoryOfInsulin.com and ww.Dr.CharlesBanting.com.

   Ingenuity and desperation were the necessary mothers of this invention, so to speak. As a child, I was often reminded or heard remarks pertaining to the organs of cadaver cows and pigs that were used for their extraction of pancreatic fluids – insulin – for human use. The documented history of this disease amazes me as well as answers some questions. For one, how did people survive? They didn’t. How was it detected, diagnosed? How did anyone know what to do? I learned most of this through my research preparation of the yearly Science Fair at St. Mary’s. I never won, but I am sure I brought early attention to parents and peers to this disease. That was my sole purpose. It was unpopular in the early 1970’s. People didn’t seem to care as long as there was ‘insulin.’ 

   There is one story I heard of or read about of how a person had to sharpen his/her own needles. How was that done? I have never found an answer and this question will remain in my mind. I am very curious.

   There is another story I came across some time ago that I will never forget. During World War I, a highly educated and young husband and wife escaped the harsh European regime at the time. I recall that the wife was 19 years old and a schoolteacher. Although she suspected she was sick, suffering with typical diabetes symptoms, medication was not easily available. Not until they made their own from the cadaver of a cow. To make a long story short, she survived on this concoction until arriving in America where she was able to purchase animal extracted insulin. This full yet short story can be found in an older issue of Diabetes Interview, specifically Issue 114, Volume 11, Number 1 © 2002, page 50, entitled “Eva’s Insulin,” written by Radha Mclean. It is truly awe-inspiring and worth your research and reading. Interestingly enough, through my research, I also found a substance extracted from, believe it or not, salmon that enhanced insulin that same time period. Amazing.

   I have always wondered how it was for many people many, many years ago who suffered with and through the systems and agony of diabetes, even before it was named. I can only think that their lives were short and uncomfortable. 

   As a “controlled substance, my use of insulin for over fifty years leads me to believe that I am an addict. I have had to use it, I need it, I crave it, I want it. These are the standard physical and emotional strains as with any drug, legal or illegal. Reality check!

   Present day “elders” of this disease, whom I prefer to call “champions” are those individuals whom I have only read about that have dealt with diabetes for longer than I. This fact continues to amaze and awe me; to have this disease for 50, 60, 70, and even 80 years is mind-blowing. I’m right there with them if only due to my choice to live while having a strong spirit.

Diabetic Television

As profound as this fact may seem, “dLife” has been in existence for many years.  I bring up the subject because I have not heard nor read anything about it from anyone.  No, I am not one of their marketeers or sales specialists or advertisers or in any way, shape or form involved with the organization.

Due to acquiring UVerse television cable operations most recently, I may now be able to view dLife.  I have not had a chance to check the TV schedule for 4:00pm Pacific Time.  In the meantime, I happened to Google search dLife and can summarize the webpages as quite thorough pertaining to Diabetes and diabetics.

And so, I am looking forward to some feedback on the show: Have you seen it?  Is it a good Sunday late-afternoon watch?  Are the topics challenging, making you want to think about this world-wide pandemic?  I am interested.  I hope to be able to see the show this afternoon, January 24, 2010.

Thank you.  AK.

Raw Foods WOrkshop

Look what I found as I glanced through news pamphlets at the Fair Oaks, California, Library.  It is an invitation to the General Public (you) to “Learn about the health benefits and wonderful fresh taste of raw foods.  Presenters will demonstrate three delicious recipes (Yay!  They’re gonna feed us  – maybe!) and give hints on how to create an entire raw food menu.”

Ooh, I bet this involves lots and lots of vegetables.  I like vegetables – a lot.  And fresh fruit. 

I realize that many of you are out-of-state or just plain far, far away.  Maybe your local library or community center or school or somewhere place will be hosting a similar event.  For more information, the contact on the attractive flyer is www.saclibrary.org.  You just never know what you may learn!

Pancreas Tonic – Hmm….

Q: When I ask my doctor about Pancreas Tonic, he felt herbs had no place in traditional medication. What should I do?
A: Your doctor’s attitude towards herbs is common and we respect that. It is partly because there is no training on herbs or herbal medicines in Western medical schools and secondly there are not scientific studies done on the efficacy and safety of many herbs. However all the Pancreas Tonic herbs have been scientifically researched and data has been published in various research journals. Summaries of research data, name of journal, publication year, and page numbers etc., on Pancreas Tonic ingredients is provided in the latter part of this book and detailed published articles can be ordered through any University library. There are a number of medical doctors starting to recommend Pancreas tonic to their patients in addition to their regular prescription after seeing some remarkable improvement in their blood tests. In many cases people see the positive difference in their blood within first month of the Pancreas tonic usage.

Q: I want to try Pancreas Tonic, but I am concerned about its safety? Can I take it with my prescription?
A: Ingredients of Pancreas Tonic are vegetables, fruits, herbs and spices which are used in everyday cooking in the Indian sub-continent and have a safe history of thousands of years behind them. There is no evidence of drug interaction with Pancreas Tonic.

Q: Can a person on insulin take Pancreas Tonic?
A: Yes, Pancreas tonic is safe to take for Insulin dependent as Well as Non-Insulin dependent diabetics, however, caution should be exercised regarding hypoglycemia caused by insulin.

Q: How soon can I see results?
A: Some patients may see results with their blood sugar in a relatively short time. Everybody responds differently to Pancreas Tonic, therefore, there is no set therapy timeline. For best results Pancreas Tonic should be taken 3-24 months CONTINUOUSLY. The longer the problem has exist the longer it may take to see results

Q: Is any special diet recommended with Pancreas Tonic?
A: Just follow your Physician’s advice and do not consume alcohol as it can reverse the Pancreas Tonic progress.

Q: I have been diabetic for a long time and am suffering from complications in my legs and feet, can I be helped with Pancreas Tonic?
A: Pancreas Tonic has been shown to help or minimize the complications of patients with symptoms related to pancreatic imbalances.

180 capsules in a plastic bottle.

2 capsules 3 times a day 10-15 minutes before meals.

Pancreas Tonic is designed to rejuvenate the Pancreas and it is NOT A SUBSTITUTE TO YOUR PRESCRIPTION FOR GLUCOSE CONTROL. It should be taken in addition to your regular prescription for glucose control. For best results it should be used for 3-24 months CONTINUOUSLY , As your glucose level starts to normalize consult your physician for reducing your prescription medication gradually.

Therapy can take from 3-24 months or even more depending upon your condition and how religiously you take Pancreas Tonic as suggested. There is no set therapy duration because everybody is unique and response differs from individual to individual. Consumption of alcohol is not advised.

NO KNOWN SIDE EFFECTS: All natural ingredients of Pancreas Tonic consist of vegetables, fruits, herbs and spices that have been used in India every day and have a safe history of thousands of years behind them.

UPDATES AS OF March 2004

In a Breakthrough Research study “PANCREAS TONIC” published in the OCT. 1998 issue (vol.90 # 10, p.614-618) of the JOURNAL OF THE NATIONAL MEDICAL ASSOCIATION, Washington,DC. USA, PANCREAS TONIC HAS BEEN PROVEN TO REGENERATE PANCREAS ISLET CELLS, thereby RESTORING the NORMAL pancreatic balance in laboratory animals .

Pancreas Tonic helps in the regeneration of the Beta cells of the Islets of the Pancreas thereby restoring the normal pancreas function in laboratory animals.

  • Pancreas Tonic has shown no allergic reaction or drug interaction.
  • Physicians have reported that patients with pancreas imbalances on Pancreas Tonic have been able to lower their daily medication requirement.
  • Clinical laboratory reports on patients taking Pancreas Tonic have shown no adverse effect on the liver, kidneys, or blood.
  • Pancreas Tonic significantly increases energy levels, reduces fatigue, weakness and promotes a sense of well-being.
  • Pancreas Tonic helps to reduce sugar craving, hunger & extreme thirst.
  • Pancreas Tonic helps to reduce frequent night-time urination.
  • Pancreas Tonic helps to reduce the numbness, tingling, and pain in the legs & feet.

Malfunctioning Pancreas gland. SYMPTOM: People keep treating the symptom while the cause of malfunctioning Pancreas , keeps on deteriorating.

Writing in the Rain

The full impact of a Northern California winter rain storm is upon us.  The persistent relaxation effect of this occurence allows me the time to organize thoughts toward another writing project.  Other expectations of me have subsided for the time being.  Armed with a warm cup of tea and a trusty laptop, my eyes cannot help but wander out the window, appreciating this natural circumstance.  Sure, it sounds good.  However, my concentration escapes me.  My muse is playing in the rain!

Press Release! Press Release!

Consider this a [good] warning. Writing a Press Release for me has been intimidating. Not having used this form of communication since opening a sole-proprietorship in 1992, here I go again! I have been told time and time again that a Press Release is necessary. A Press Release has also been requested of me in order to share announcments in newsletters and newspapers. So be it – I will do it. However, much procrastination accompanies this task. You know what? I think I will have lunch and think further about my task-to-goal. Hmm. Would you care to join me? Two heads – or more – are always better than one! Thanks.

Check out www.Mydiabeticsoul.com.

Amid the four pages of my website, there is the “Welcome” that I extend to you along with the “Biography;” a most interesting “Forecast”, and the “Contact” segment.  Bringing your attentions to this last segment, I have announced that the pre-order book release date will be January 22, 2010.  I wish to share this exciting news with you!  I look forward to hearing from you!  A. K. Buckroth.